“Orlando’s Favorite Emcee!”
Chris Burns Sr. VP of Lincoln Properties


As spokesman for IBM, Pepsi-cola, Hilton Hotels, with over 10,000 shows under his belt, Jeremy is a natural improvisational emcee.He can make a joke on the spot, sing a song, educate and entertain, while making the unpredictable looked planned.

A Grammy-nominated artist for his Off-Broadway show, Toxic Audio, Jeremy has appeared on ESPN, Morning Jo news, and Fox.  He’s worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Frankie Valli, and Tiger Woods.

Jeremy started his career as a host/emcee with the Walt Disney World company.   There, he hosted a show by the creators of Bill Nye, explaining scientific concepts to families and doing wacky experiments with them.

His print ads include: Nike, Kodak, and being the guy in the picture frame at CVS.

Height: 6’
Weight: 175
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel



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